And so it goes. 

And so it goes. 

Words about stuff about words. 

A long, strange trip that's just beginning

Tomorrow, my book OUT becomes available to the general reading public. I am excited, scared, and sort of zen about it all at the same time. I know this sounds impossible, but that's the nature of art. 


The origins of this book are a bit remarkable. I was at a writing conference, one where you were supposed to actually work on your novels and get feedback from other writers. As luck would have it, the skitchy electrical current at the lodge fried my laptop. My plans for a much-needed getaway to write like a fiend were totally screwed. 


Sad and desperate, I took to the lodge's wine bar with a legal pad to doodle. I felt like the universe was telling me to forget about being a writer. But then something amazing happened. The idea for OUT popped into my head. The title,  the concept of Perpendicular and Parallel, the theocracy that traps a minister's son...all of this was born when I thought fate had taken something from me. 


I've worked on OUT ever since, for nearly four years. I've written drafts and tossed out probably hundreds of pages. I've had great encouragement, and near misses, real interest from real TV producers, and lots of people who loved it (my heroic pre-readers) and quite a few people in the publishing industry who weren't interested because "nobody likes male protagonists" or "LGBT stories don't sell." 


Ultimately, though, my agent Natalie and I decided to publish it ourselves. It's new territory for both of us. I'm a little bit nervous because it's a brand-new way of doing this thing that seems to evolve minute by minute. The publishing industry is topsy-turvy right now, and I don't think anyone knows how it's going to settle. I have no idea if this will work or not. But when I think about all of that, I come to one point: I feel like I wrote a very good book. I am proud of the work I've done, and proud of the collaboration between Natalie and myself. I think she helped me craft an even better version of the book than the one I would've published on my own, and it's great to have a partner to jump into this adventure with. 

Here goes something. 

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