And so it goes. 

And so it goes. 

Words about stuff about words. 

ComicCon, books, chickens

I've clearly been absent from this blog since March. I'm a reprobate. 

Why have I been gone so long? Nobody probably cares, really, but here's why: I finished up my last semester of teaching high school, ever. (I think.) I am going to be a librarian at a different high school. I am greatly relieved and excited and all kinds of things. But it took up a lot of time and emotion at the end of June. And then I went to Kauai for a week and squeezed in a book signing at Talk Story, one of the coolest bookstores ever. And there were chickens all over Kauai, in case you were curious about the title. 

Now, to ComicCon. I'm not going this year. It's here in San Diego, and I should go -- I love science fiction, comics, games, movies, all the pop culture stuff that grinds the gears of ComicCon. Why am I not? Simply, I am now unable to tolerate large masses of humanity. I'm not sure when this happened...I used to go (but it was smaller then, really, and no waiting on line for five hours) and I loved it. When I was younger, I went to concerts and didn't find myself too horribly panicky. But now, I find that when I am in a large place with many people, I am really not happy. It's not really a panic attack, per se, but I'm just grumpy and want to go somewhere else and take off my shoes. Am I old? Who cares? 

I am off for the summer, supposedly writing. Have I been writing much? Not really. I should be doing it now, but instead, I'm blogging. I've spent most of my free time on the interwebs, twitting and facebasking and emolting. The pressure to market my book OUT is great; there are SO MANY BOOKS out there .Mine is one more. Again with the crowd issue. 

So, I need to get back to the garden, back to where I write because I like it, not market because I need to. Jincy Willett, one of my heroes (she will hate that I said that, probably), just published a book called AMY FALLS DOWN and it's all about these very issues, so I feel as if it dropped into my lap at just the right moment. Unfortunately, Jincy's writer protagonist handles all this shit about as well as I do. So, no hope there. 

Guess I'll go write something. 

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