And so it goes. 

And so it goes. 

Words about stuff about words. 

Knee Jerks

Some people, people who haven't read the book, think Out is anti-LGBT. 

This reminds me of the novel Huck Finn. Over time, people decided it was a racist book because it featured  the n-word 264 times. It was banned in many schools based only on this fact. Some people still think this...and all of them are people who haven't read the book. 

Huck Finn is actually one of the least racist books around. If you read it in context, and understand the world in which it was written, you realize that Mark Twain created the character of Jim, a runaway slave, and gave him all the virtues racist whites attributed to themselves alone. He was more noble, more compassionate, more selfless, and more human than anyone else in the book. 

The complaint I hear from people is that in OUT, the same-sex couples are depicted as the bad guys. This is a necessary conceit for the idea of the book to work. Also, many of the Parallels in the book work in the resistance, trying to change the world they feel is wrong. The bottom line is this: people who still feel that LGBT people don't deserve the right to love the person they love need to see what it would feel like to be in that position. I believe that if they could see through my book what it would be like to be ostracized for being who they are, maybe they could understand this struggle. 

Please read before judging. 

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