And so it goes. 

And so it goes. 

Words about stuff about words. 

OUT is real. Pass it on.

Seeing a book of mine on Amazon again is a great feeling. I really love this book and I want people to read it. But since I'm self-publishing, I feel like every bit of effort I make is a drop of water in a very large bucket. 

You know what? I need a village. 

If you are a fan, or you just feel like doing a good deed, please help me publicize this book. I truly feel that it could start a discussion that could change the way people feel, in the way that only fiction can do. I think it could help kids talk about the issue of being gay and of embracing it. I think it could open the eyes of people who don't believe that LGBT people are still sent to reconditioning camps, or that people still try to "pray away the gay." 

I am putting this out there to the universe. I need help. I have created something that I love, something that bears a piece of my heart and soul within it, and I want to share it. I want to do good. I want to make it happen. 

Go, universe. Show me what you can do. 

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