And so it goes. 

And so it goes. 

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Reading Beyond the Surface

I've received a few emails from people who, without reading my book, have decided it's gay bashing. 

This is interesting, especially considering the fact that the intent was the exact opposite. OUT is intended to allow people to step into the shoes of those who are oppressed, to get a visceral feeling for what it's like to be ostracized because of who you are. It's not condoning discriminatory behavior; on the contrary, it's calling it out for what it is. 

This rush to judgment on a work of fiction has happened over and over again. People get upset about something they havent't seen or read based solely on a description or hearsay. Mark Twain's masterpiece, HUCKLEBERRY FINN, was branded as a racist book because of his use of the word 'nigger' more than 261 times. But if you actually read the book, you realize that Twain is a powerful writer who stands against discrimination and oppression. His use of the word reflects the language of his time, and nothing more. The content of his book, the way he portrays the slave owners as reprehensible and stupid, contrasts with the nobility and courage of Jim, the runaway slave who befriends Huck. But if you never read it, you'd never know that. You'd just focus on that one word. 

The movie THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST  came out many years ago and suffered a similar bashing at the hands of right-wing Christians. They assumed from what they'd heard that it was a blasphemous movie. Few, if any, of them actually saw the film. They made a decision based on what they had heard or what they thought they'd heard. 

in the case of OUT, people are deciding it might be disciminatory based on a brief description. But that doesn't tell the whole story. Read the book, when it's available. Then you'll see what the book does: it humanizes a problem we all face. It tells a love story. It shows what happens when a majority in a society decides how others should love. That's what it does. 

I hope when the book is actually released that people will read it before judging it, but in our Twitter-verse society, everything is 100 words or less, so I don't hold out much hope. And I've decided not to let it bother me. I know what the book says. I know what it means. And that's good enough. 

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