New Project: Anna Incognito

Anna Incognito is my latest project, and it's quite a departure from what I've done before. It's an adult novel, but it does feature a teenaged character (because I always love the way they complicate things.) 

Anna Beck is determined to stop the wedding of her boundary-challenged therapist/ fantasy British lover, and nothing is going to stop her: Not that the ceremony is 1,300 miles away. Not her intense fear of germs that keeps her housebound most of the time. Not the fact that she needs to borrow a car and hasn't driven in years.

I have worked with people with mental illness for decades, and I see how society marginalizes the problem and wills people who have it to gracefully disappear.  My own struggles inform this knowledge; I have seen first-hand how mental illness is used as an excuse, a weapon, a way to exclude people, and a way to divide families. That is why I am the person to write this book. Although it is fiction, it is drawn from life, and I believe it can offer hope to those who fight mental illness and personal tragedy. 

Anna Incognito deals with mental illness, loss, and renewed hope and acceptance of flaws through the insightful, biting wit of a main character at odds with herself, her past, and the world; still, she sees the humor and absurdity in it all. “Lots of narrative pull...wonderfully complicated,” says Jincy Willett, author of The Writing Class, whose work David Sedaris anthologized in Children Playing Before a Statue of Hercules.

The first review is in! 

From Online Book Club: "The writing was captivating. I would happily recommend Anna Incognito to readers who are ready to immerse themselves in Anna's life. The book thoroughly examines the disturbing effects of living with a mental illness. This book would be great for readers who are struggling with mental health or for those trying to understand it better. Are you ready to go for a drive with Anna? Buckle up because you are in for the ride of your life!"

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