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Not one but TWO first-chapter entries won honorable mention.

First chapter links: 

Jiffy Down Under 

Apple Poppins


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Anna Incognito got fancy as part of the Bedside Reading program in the Hamptons on Valentine's Day weekend! @BedsideReading

          Stellar reviews! 5/5 "Rich with witticism in the face of painful realities and evoking lyrical truisms throughout, from of a rating scale of 1 – 5 this novel is so off-the-charts good, it deserves a 10." LINK HERE 4/4 "The writing was captivating...This book would be great for readers who are struggling with mental health or for those trying to understand it better. Are you ready to go for a drive with Anna?. Buckle up, because you are in for the ride of your life!" LINK HERE

Kirkus Reviews"The protagonist’s acerbic wit and mordant tone work well in the difficult material in Preble’s unconventional road novel. A razor-sharp, oddly fun  romp through the American West." LINK HERE


Silver medal winner 

My Story

I started writing when I was old enough to hold a pencil. My grandfather gave me a large yellow legal pad on which to write my stories, and I spent one summer writing them and showing them to him, and that is what sparked my great love of stories. 

From that summer, I went on to voraciously read and write almost to the exclusion of everything else. My books reflect a lot of my own experiences boiled and meshed into fictional tales of people who are like me, but not. My favorite authors are Christopher Moore, Christopher Buckley, Sarah Vowell, Jim Butcher, and almost all the writers on HBO. 

In the press and in the bookstores

Signing  my novel  OUT  at TalkStory Bookstore on Kauai and fangirling on the Star Trek tattoo....always great to find fellow geeks everywhere! 

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